Paying it Forward

Providing a second chance to horses that find themselves
in unfortunate circumstances.


Our Rescue Program

In 2019 we saved 24 horses directly and 4 horses indirectly

What started several years ago, as a New Year’s Resolution to save ONE HORSE has developed into an ongoing program here at CCSH. Every month, Marion and several volunteers, attend a livestock auction that is also known for selling horses for meat. Marion uses her expertise to select horses that can still have value to someone else. She calls it “dumpster diving” and you will be amazed of what diamonds come out of this program.

All horses purchased at auction receive veterinary and farrier care. They are quarantined and rehabilitated as necessary. Once they are healthy and sound a riding evaluation is done to determine the training needs of each animal. The goal is to provide these horses a second chance. Some will go on to have productive careers as trail, gaming, eventing horses. Others will just be pets or light riding horses. Any proceeds from the sale of these horses goes back into the “Pay it Forward” fund to help the next horse who finds itself at a meat auction or are surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them. 

As 2018 comes to an end I would like to reflect on the difference in the lives of these creatures. Thrown away in the most cowardly way, a few got lucky and got spared the long way to slaughter. Yes it’s just a drop in the bucket every month, but look at our bucket for this year!
So thankful for all of my friends, and there are many in this village of supporters, you know who you are!

If you are one of the new owners please email us your photos and we will add them
to the gallery.

If you are looking for a good New Years resolution how about joining us in 2020 as we save even more horses? Together we make a difference! Please consider sending a contribution and no amount is too small. If everyone just sent one $1. If using PayPal via the  friends and family option or a check to 339 Dockins Rd Careywood, ID 83809
Thank you all and please share!

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After all the horse passed through the auction in came one sad looking mule, skin and bones, lethargic and covered with lice. The auctioneer had a hard time finding a starting bid, it went from $300 to $200 to $100 and still no-one wanted her, not at $50 and not at $20. She looked like she could keel over dead anytime. After some eye batting from Royce`s side she got purchased for a proud $10 with the understanding that she might not make the trailer ride home.

This is one tough Mollie! after a few days our ongoing supporter Dagmar Marianne begged to name her Nellie.

Her popularity on Facebook made Marion hopeful that eventually a home could be found for the old Mule. She was so loveable and friendly! Royce took a real interest in her and started taking her on walks off the property, making videos and posting them, calling her HIS Mule.

Just a few days ago Nellie was offered a very qualified home where she could retire among her own kind but due to an unfortunate accident of her new owner the adoption had to be postponed. That’s when Royce laid his claim on HIS Mule.

Nellie now sports the last name Nelson and by popular demand she got her own Facebook group.

We will report about her life and maybe Nellies popularity can help save some more equines from the meat auction. If you want to help PayPal is and no amount is too small.


Rojo ~ Adopted to a happy home

Paso Cross Gelding mid 20’s arrived on the brink of death. With patience he made a complete recovery and is now enjoying a new career as a riding horse and companion to his person. Happy Endings do come true!

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